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The BeCommerce Awards is an initiative of BeCommerce, a non-profit organisation, which wants to increase confidence in the e-commerce sector and represent the community of active web-shops in Belgium.


On October 13, 2021, the BeCommerce Awards will be presented for the 16th time in the historic site of Tour & Taxis in Brussels. Like every year, BeCommerce takes care of the organization and 100% financing of the event through sponsorship and ticket sales.


With the award ceremony, BeCommerce aims to make a positive contribution to the industry's self-awareness.



For further details, please visit Becommerce.be - Becommerce Awards





The BeCommerce Start-up Award

The Start-up Award recognizes companies that define themselves as a Start-up. Tell us about your journey: what was your start-up capital, the obstacles you face and the number of customers you are currently reaching, as well as the growth the company has achieved during this period. period. To participate in the start-up Award, the participant must not be older than 3 years. Whether you work with a small team or are just starting out, this price is for you!

The BeCommerce Consumer Journey/UserX Award

If you think your company offers the best user experience or the optimal consumer experience, register for the Consumer Journey / UserX award. For this price we are happy to analyze the technologies you use, the expectations of your customers and / or your strategy in terms of user-friendliness.

The BeCommerce Cross-border Award

If your company sells a lot abroad, then the Cross-border Award is a must for you. For this price we are interested in your Belgian and foreign visitors, in the countries to which you export, but also in your cross-border challenges. Do you think you can win this Award? Don't hesitate to register!

The Special Public Award

The public also decides to which company the Special Public Award will be awarded. The voting period for the public is from October 4 to October 10. The company with the most online votes, achieved only within the pre-agreed period, will be declared the winner of this award.

In this context, no advantage (e.g. discounts) or an opportunity for advantage may be offered by the participating companies when calling for a vote to be cast.

The Special Jury Award

The Jury will also present the Special Jury Award to the company that, on the basis of the information they have at their disposal, is most convinced of their activities or ideas.

The BeCommerce Award

The winner of The BeCommerce Award will be chosen after jury deliberation from the 3 nominees for the Special Jury Award and the 3 nominees for the Special Public Award. These 6 nominees will be interviewed by the jury during the final jury deliberation and will be asked to defend their file and to formulate answers to a number of questions. Based on these interviews, the winner of this award will be announced personally and publicly at the Awards ceremony itself.

The BeCommerce Sustainability Award

For the Sustainability Award we would like to know more about your strategy in the field of sustainable development, ranging from logistics to production, for example. Are you careful with your energy consumption and do you try to limit your carbon footprint as much as possible? Then don't hesitate and register your company for the Sustainability Award.

The BeCommerce Omnichannel Award

Does your company have the best omnichannel strategy and do you want to share it with us? Then take part in the Omnichannel Award, for which we focus on your omnichannel challenges, the different technologies you use and your recommendations in this area.

The BeCommerce Advertising Campaign Award

Your advertising campaigns work perfectly and you think you have a chance of winning the Advertising Campaign Award? For this price we study, for example, your online and offline advertising, your advertising strategy or even inbound and outbound marketing activities. Register your company now for the Advertising Campaign Award!

The BeCommerce Marketplace Award

Have you built a Marketplace platform, created a marketplace or are you offering an information platform? Then you can register now for the Platform Award, where we focus on your platform / application, your strategy with regard to marketplaces or the countries where you sell.

The BeCommerce Payment Award

For the Payment Award we would like to know everything about the payment strategy of your company. We are interested, among other things, in the innovation of your online payment system, in its security and in the way in which you act against fraud. Do you think your company is at the forefront of online payments? Then be sure to register for the Payment Award!

The BeCommerce Logistics Award

If you believe that your company has the best logistics strategy, you can compete for the Logistics Award. What is the carbon footprint of your energy consumption? How fast is your delivery time? How do you see the last mile? Explain to us and have a chance to win the Logistics Award!

The BeCommerce Innovation Award

Is there a particular domain in which your company is innovative? We are interested to learn more about this innovation, but also about the technologies you use, your R&D budget and the beneficiaries of the innovation. Register for the Innovation Award and tell us more about your innovative solution.

Meet the Jury Members

Lies Eeckman, Managing Director Polestar

Lies started her rich career in the FMCG sector and held various management positions in a marketing career spanning more than 20 years. Lies started her career at Nestlé Waters, after which she worked for Alken-Maes for almost 10 years. Here, she held various positions, after which she chose Continental Foods for her next FMCG adventure. At Continental, she managed several award-winning campaigns for local A-brands such as Devos Lemmens, Royco and Liebig Delisoup. In 2019, Lies opted for a new adventure and made the switch to the automotive industry. Initially as Marketing Director for BMW Group Belux, and now as Managing Director of Polestar Belgium, the disruptive new kid on the block.

Lies Eeckman, Managing Director Polestar
Els Breugelmans, Professor of Marketing at KU Leuven

Els Breugelmans, Professor of Marketing at KU Leuven

Els Breugelmans (PhD, University of Antwerp, 2005) is Professor of Marketing at KU Leuven, campus Antwerp, Faculty of Economics and Business. She is an expert in the domain of retailing and does scientific research on a variety of retailing-related topics, including multi- and omni-channel shopping, loyalty programs and retailer-manufacturer relationships. She conducts rigorous and managerially relevant research, resulting in a win-win for her academic peers and collaborating companies. Her academic work has been published in major academic outlets such as Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Retailing and Marketing Letters. She is also often consulted by media, to elucidate on retailing trends, from her academic perspective.

Damien Jacob, Head of RETIS - Professor in web strategies, e-Commerce and e-Business

Active for over 25 years in the field of ICT, Damien is an expert in e-commerce and e-marketing, certified "RENTIC" and "Fit4Digital". He heads the consulting firm RETIS. RETIS acts as a facilitator for the development of e-business projects for SMEs, starters and traders (both in Btoc and BtoB), acting as an "architect" of e-commerce projects (strategy and commercial development), being neutral in relation to service providers. He is also a lecturer and trainer in 4 high schools and universities in Belgium and France (e-commerce, e-marketing and digital law courses: www.prospectic.be). He has published "e-commerce: Best Practices for Success" (Editions Edipro).

Damien Jacob, Head of RETIS - Professor in web strategies, e-Commerce and e-Business
Benny Sintobin, Founder, Former CEO - Omni-channel & e-commerce Strategic Advisor for Global Brands and retailers

Benny Sintobin, Founder, Former CEO - Omni-channel & e-commerce Strategic Advisor for Global Brands and retailers

I love helping brands with their Journey from Wholesale Brand to Direct-to-Consumer Retailer. Founder Frucon.net is an end2end cross-border e-commerce specialist.

Michel Vermaerke, Managing Director Alio Consilio, Chairman Klarafestival (Festival of Flanders Brussels), former Finance, Banking and Telco senior Executive

Michel has been an Executive for more than 25 years in the world of finance, banking and telco. Successfully leading teams, organisations and projects around the transformation of industries, companies and functions has been at the core of his activities and competences. From 2005 till October 2017, he was CEO of Febelfin, the Belgian financial sector federation. Before (1996-2004), he was Secretary General, General Counsel and Head of the Staff functions at Belgacom (today Proximus); and prior to this telco experienced, he held similar functions at Cedel, today Clearstream, the international Clearing and Settlement Institution for internationally traded securities (1990-1996). Besides his business roles and responsibilities, he strongly believes in committing oneself for the common and greater good. As such, among other functions, he is the chairman of the classic music broadcast Klarafestival (since 2008), and since its inception 15 years ago, he is also independent board member of the Antwerp based Hospital Group, ZNA (Ziekenhuisnetwerk Antwerpen). Michel has also created his own consultancy firm, Alio Consilio offering alternative ways to find solutions for strategic, tactical, organizational or personnel challenges which organisations are facing in changing times. Amongst the Alio Consilio clients, one will find also new entrepreneurial so-called Fintech’s intending to offer innovative financial services solutions.

Michel Vermaerke, Managing Director Alio Consilio, Chairman Klarafestival (Festival of Flanders Brussels), former Finance, Banking and Telco senior Executive
Clo Willaerts, Freelance Digital Marketing Expert
Author, consultant, speaker and trainer

Clo Willaerts, Freelance Digital Marketing Expert Author, consultant, speaker and trainer

Clo Willaerts (°1970) is a Belgian marketing professional with a large social media following and extensive experience in digital business (communities, streaming media, portals, social media, digital transformation) for the travel, finance, automotive, media and telco industry. Her popular technology blog has been a go-to resource since 2004. Now, after working almost twenty years as an internet and media professional, she travels around the world as a consultant, speaker and author.

A digital media virtuoso, Clo never tires of teaching and learning about digital technology and the impact it has on our daily lives. She frequently lectures in Belgium on social media, online privacy, digital marketing, artificial intelligence and future technologies at Karel de Grote College, EHSAL Management School and Odisee, Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School and UBA Academy.

Edouard Seynaeve, Founder of Wepika

Edouard is the founder of Wepika (www.wepika.com), a Prestashop dedicated e-commerce agency (Wepika focuses on growing SMEs such as J&Joy, Kewlox, eFarmz, Chacon, ...). During his free time he also launched Café Numérique (Tech discussions between the conference and the bar), RueDuWeb (coworking space) and LeanFund (seed fund).

Edouard Seynaeve, Founder of Wepika
Pascal Butera, Expert - Digital Business Ambassador chez Agence du Numérique (AdN)

Pascal Butera, Expert - Digital Business Ambassador chez Agence du Numérique (AdN)

Expert and e-business, with a confirmed experience in e-marketing, e-commerce and project management. Certified PRINCE2® Foundation & Professional Scrum Master.Specialties: e-business, e-commerce, e-marketing, project management and secure technology.

Matthieu van der Schueren, Founder of Jungo & Managing Partner Twinbox digital transformations

Matthieu is a driven transformation consultant and general manager specialised in business growth and turnaround. He is passionate about opportunities created by technology in day-to-day business. He is managing director of Twinbox, delivering large transformation projects and newco developments in B2C and B2B2C industries. He is currently leading the major business & technology turnaround of Standaard Boekhandel & Club. Over the last years, the company has been working on the set-up and launch of Distriplus’ eCommerce platform and organisation, the development of the digital & CRM program of Delhaize, B2B eCommerce platform of Turbo’s Hoet Group, the customer interaction app of Ethias insurance, the card & payment strategy of Keytrade Bank, or the digital customer journey for Toyota Motors across Europe. Matthieu is co-founder of smartconnect.eu and one2three.be.

Matthieu van der Schueren, Founder of Jungo & Managing Partner Twinbox digital transformations


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